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New update 2.16 of the GesondheetsApp available   New feature: link your relative


20 October 2021

Paulette Lenert
Minister of Health

Romain Schneider
Minister of Social Security

Christian Oberlé
President of CNS and AeS

President of AMMD

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DHN is a modern,
digital solution

DHN is a modern, digital initiative from the Association of Doctors and Dentists (AMMD)

It aims to improve the lives of everyone living and working in Luxembourg.

Take control of your healthcare with GesondheetsApp1 that speeds up reimbursements and takes care of admin. It’s a digital service which means no more printing and sending documents.

Book appointments, pay for your treatments and share documents with clinics, insurers and employers – all from your phone.


Share documents at the touch of a button1
Securely send and receive estimates, invoices, certificates and other health-related information.
  • Share digital certificate of incapacity with your employer
  • Share digital estimates with your public and private insurers for faster decisions
  • Share healthcare admin documents with those that need to see them

1Available later in 2021.


Hassle free appointment booking
Spend time with your doctor, not their booking system
  • Instantly view your doctor’s real-time availability
  • Book, manage and cancel appointments via the app


Speedy reimbursements, simple payments1
Check, pay and share invoices from
your phone
  • Simple, secure payment on-the-go. No need to take bank cards or cash to your treatments
  • Send your e-invoice to your public insurer and they’ll pay you back within 48 hours
  • Share the digital details of reimbursement from your public insurer with your private insurer for faster processing.

1Available later in 2021.

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The GesondheetsApp is now available for iOS and Android. Download it today, and talk to your doctor to make sure he or she is digitally enabled.