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CNS will reimburse doctors for the cost of sending digital documents detailed in DHN invoices.

DHN does not charge anything for the installation of the eConnector. DHN will charge a small fee for optional services such as appointments and payments.

For more information on our fees, please send us a message.

DHN stands for Digital Health Network. We aim to provide you and your patients with a modern, digital approach to healthcare management.

DHN offers intuitive digital services to healthcare professionals, service providers and citizens. These have been authorised by Agence eSanté.

The DHN eConnector – used in conjunction with the patient’s Gesondheetsapp – will reduce the time you spend on paperwork and administration.

  • Send and receive digital documents, saving on printing and handling costs.
  • Digital invoicing and payment reduce hassle and cost. 
    • Remove the risk of fraud and expense of dealing with cash on-premises.
    • Provide automated reconciliation with your admin and accounting software.
    • Save on the cost of processing credit card payment.
  • New channel for hassle-free appointment booking.

These benefits will be rolled out in a series of feature updates in the coming months
The eConnector is seamlessly integrated into your current administration software (‘logiciel de medicine en ville’) causing no disruption to your everyday processes. Click here for more information.

The patient’s profile in your administration software will advise whether the patient has opted in to digital healthcare administration.

If he or she has, you will be able to print invoices with a unique QR code and send a digital copy to the patient’s secure vault at Agence eSanté.

When the patient sends the printed invoice with a proof of payment to his or her public insurer they’ll be reimbursed within 5 days.

DHN has no contractual relationship with CNS.

The following healthcare software providers (‘editeurs’) are fully integrated with DHN and approved by Agence eSanté:

DHN offers its support services under an authorisation delivered by Agence eSanté.

DHN complies with the security and technical requirements of Agence eSanté, which monitors the DHN service on an ongoing basis.

The DHN solution is available for all Luxembourg registered residents. Their Social Security Number (SSN) allows to enrol the DHN app and take advantage of the services.

We enable digital transfer of documents to and from all public insurers in Luxembourg: CNS,CMFEP,CMFEC,EMCFL, and RCAM for EU employees.

No, there is a single charge per doctor. You can use it on as many computers as you like (as long as they too use your healthcare administration software), and it can be used by support staff at no extra cost.

Yes. You can use the eConnector on any PC that’s running your administration software. What’s more, the registration process is much simpler for subsequent PCs.

In your editeur’s software you can see the status of your patients:

  •   The GesoundheetsApp is activated (from June) and the patient has opted in to digital healthcare administration.
  •   Patient has opted in to digital healthcare administration.
  •   The citizen has opted out of digital healthcare administration.

All information relating to the citizen is stored by Agence eSanté and is subject to their security protocols.

The doctor’s personal information is stored securely by DHN. Click here to view our privacy policy.


The eSanté account gives you secure access to eSanté and other digital services and applications to do with public health. By activating your personal eSanté account, you have direct access to all these services and applications.

Ask them!  

We’re encouraging all doctors to take part and so far participation has exceeded all expectations. 

As soon as you have activated your eSanté account and registered on the GesondheetsApp, you will be able to submit your invoice for reimbursement by the health insurance company. Printing the document on paper will no longer be necessary. Over time, other documents will be digitized. 

Currently, patients have to pay upfront for their healthcare. From 2023, the CNS hopes to introduce a direct payment system that limits what you pay to the amount not covered by your health insurance. 

The GesondheetsApp makes healthcare administration easier.  

This free and secure application allows you to:    

  • Make doctor’s appointments   
  • Share digital documents wherever and whenever you want  
  • Benefit from speedy reimbursement  
  • Manage the healthcare administration of your relatives

In the first phase, digitization is limited to invoices, followed by prescriptions, Certificates of Incapacity of Work and other documents and certificates later in 2021.

During this first phase, the doctor will issue an invoice digitally to be stored in your secure document vault at Agence eSanté. The invoice contains a QR code that allows your public health insurer to retrieve and process the invoice once it has been sent with proof of payment.

DHN stands for Digital Health Network. We aim to provide you with a secure, digital approach to healthcare administration. 

All doctors, dentists and other health professionals are invited to join the DHN system, although membership is not mandatory.  

We are in the process of enrolling out the DHN solution to all doctors who want it. Not all doctors will be DHN-enabled at launch, but those that are will be able to offer speedy reimbursement and appointment services to patients immediately.   

If your doctor has not signed up for DHN, they will not be able to offer you the option of speedy reimbursement. Please let them know that you want paperless digital healthcare administration.

Even if you do not have the app, you can benefit from speedy reimbursement as long as your doctor is equipped with the DHN solution.   

The health insurance company no longer needs to encode the details that are on the invoice and can retrieve these details digitally using the QR code on the invoice. 

We are working on this with doctors, the Agence eSanté, pharmacists, laboratories and other health care providers. We hope that this important functionality will be operational soon. 

An eSanté agent is available to help you and assist you in continuing your enrolment. We invite you to contact the Agence eSanté helpdesk by email: or by phone: (+352) 2712 5018 33.

If you wish to delete your data, you should contact the Agence eSanté helpdesk by email or by telephone on (+352) 2712 5018 33. 

If you don’t want to share your information, you can close your account with the Agence eSanté by contacting the helpdesk by email or by phone at (+352) 2712 5018 33. 

All citizen information is stored by the Agence eSanté and is subject to their security protocols.

Data retention is limited to the bare minimum necessary to provide these services.

Yes, as soon as your account is linked to that of your child or relative, you will be able to book and edit the appointment on their behalf from your own phone. 

We are working on integrating our systems with other third parties, including employers and the CNS.  

We hope that by the end of the year doctors will be able to issue digital Certificates of Incapacity of Work and that the GesondheetsApp will allow you to share this document with your employer and the CNS. 

The GesondheetsApp allows you to help your relatives with their administrative tasks without the need for them to use a smartphone. 

Yes, you can still call your doctor. The GesondheetsApp is just another way of managing appointments. The doctor is still free to offer patients whichever communication channels they wish to.


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